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Step into a World of Legends: Journey to the storied realm of Dominaria and immerse yourself in its rich history spanning 27 sets and 30 years of Magic gameplay. From ancient sagas to modern epics, Dominaria holds the key to countless tales of adventure, heroism, and destiny.

Celebrate Magic's Heritage: Pay homage to the iconic moments, legendary characters, and timeless spells that have shaped the very fabric of Magic: The Gathering. With Dominaria Remastered, every card tells a story, and every play is a tribute to the game's enduring legacy.

Unleash the Power of the Past: Harness the might of legendary artifacts, call upon ancient spells, and rally the forces of Dominaria's greatest heroes and villains. With cards spanning three decades of Magic's history, Dominaria Remastered offers unparalleled depth, strategy, and excitement.

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