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Wizard of the Coast

Magic The Gathering: Commander Collection Black

Magic The Gathering: Commander Collection Black

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Immerse yourself in the shadows of power and ambition with Commander Collection: Black. This boxed set unveils eight reprinted cards, each epitomizing the essence of black magic—ruthlessness and opportunity. Curated to showcase iconic black strategies in Commander, these cards boast brand-new art with nods to legendary characters. Whether you're a seasoned commander or new to the game, these cards will find their place in your black deck, standing shoulder to shoulder with their legendary counterparts.

Key Features:
  • Iconic Black Strategies: Explore the depths of black magic with eight reprinted cards, each representing the essence of ruthlessness and opportunity.
  • Brand-New Art: Witness these iconic cards in a new light with stunning artwork paying homage to legendary characters.
  • Perfect for Commander: Whether you're a veteran commander or new to the game, these cards are essential additions to any black deck.
  • Iconic References: Discover subtle nods to popular legendary characters, adding depth and intrigue to your gameplay experience.
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