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Magic The Gathering: Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Set Booster Box

Magic The Gathering: Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Set Booster Box

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Dive into the thrilling cyberpunk realm of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty with the Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Set Booster Box. Each box contains 30 Set Boosters, offering an exciting and diverse assortment of Magic: The Gathering cards that celebrate the future and the past.

  • A Box of Delight: Enjoy the best MTG booster to open just for fun with 30 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Set Boosters, each packed with 12 Magic cards, 1 Art Card, and 1 token, ad card, Helper card, or special card from Magic's history.
  • Rare Finds: Discover the allure of rarity with each booster containing 1–4 cards of rarity Rare or higher, ensuring that every pack holds the promise of powerful and sought-after cards.
  • Unleash the Chrome: Immerse yourself in the vibrant cyberpunk aesthetic of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, where every booster is filled with cards full of color and chrome, promising a bright and captivating experience.
  • Traditional Foil Treats: Elevate your collection with traditional foil cards, adding a touch of shimmer and sophistication to one non–Art Card and non–Land card of any rarity in every booster.

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the neon-lit streets of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty and embrace the future of Magic: The Gathering.

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