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    • WARNING: Don’t Get Drunk is an extremely fun social party game, 2-8+ players, 60-90 minute game time, includes dares and comical social media posting. Are you brave enough to play??!
    • Don’t Get Drunk is the ultimate party game as it combines a lot of games you may have played before including beer pong, flip cup, kings cup, and many more! With so many mini games within the game, people have called it Gameception.
    • It's the perfect game for your next game night, BBQ, pre-game, bachelor party, bachelorette party, birthday party, or Friday night! It’s the best way to get the fun started at your next social event!
    • Don’t Get Drunk makes for the perfect gift! Whether it’s for a house warning party, or a fun holiday gift, it’s bound to fill the night with laughter and joy whatever the occasion may be.
    • It is easy to set up and has fast to read rules, giving you more time to party! BUY NOW for a wild night full of multiple twists and turns making for a unique and exciting game night.

    - $29.99

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