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Dragon Ball Super: Zenkai Series 4 Booster Box

Dragon Ball Super: Zenkai Series 4 Booster Box

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Prepare to ignite your Dragon Ball Super TCG battles with the Zenkai Series 4 Booster Box! Featuring the innovative "Z-Stack" keyword, immerse yourself in strategic gameplay as you stack cards for formidable effects. Dive into the world of "Wild Resurgence" with iconic characters like Perfect Cell and Golden Frieza, alongside newcomers such as Super Uub. Explore the battlefield with three Secret Rares, including beloved canon characters, and behold the debut of the God Rare with a captivating new art style. With 292 card types, including Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Special Rare, Secret Rare, and the legendary God Rare, this booster box is a must-have for Dragon Ball fans and TCG enthusiasts alike!

Key Features:

  • "Z-Stack" Keyword Expansion: Strategically stack cards for powerful effects.
  • "Wild Resurgence" Theme: Explore iconic characters from various Dragon Ball ages.
  • Three Secret Rares: Unveil rare cards featuring beloved canon characters.
  • Debut of God Rare: Witness the first-ever God Rare with stunning new art.
  • 292 Card Types: Enjoy a diverse gameplay experience with various rarities.
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