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Dragon Ball Super: Zenkai Series 5 Booster Box

Dragon Ball Super: Zenkai Series 5 Booster Box

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Prepare for an unparalleled evolution in Dragon Ball Super TCG with the Zenkai Series 5 Booster Box! Dive into the groundbreaking "Z-Extras," a new card type within Z-Cards, featuring horizontal designs showcasing never-before-seen techniques and scenes from the DBSCG universe. Unleash dramatic battles with guaranteed 1 SR or SPR card box toppers. Explore ultimate techniques from ages past to present, including the iconic Father-Son Kamehameha and Gogeta's Soul Punisher. Brace for the inclusion of low pull-rate "God Rare" cards, redesigned with evolved designs, promising electrifying gameplay!

Key Features:

  • "Z-Extras" Introduction: New card type with horizontal designs and unique effects.
  • Themed Ultimate Techniques: Explore iconic moves from Dragon Ball history.
  • Low Pull-Rate "God Rare" Cards: Shockwaves await with evolved designs.
  • 1 SR or SPR Box Topper: Every box guarantees an exciting rare card addition.
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