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Dragon Ball Super: Zenkai Series 5 Premium Pack

Dragon Ball Super: Zenkai Series 5 Premium Pack

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Elevate your battles to new heights with the Zenkai Series 5 Premium Pack! Witness the debut of the revolutionary "Z Extra" Z Card, featuring horizontal designs showcasing never-before-seen techniques and scenes from the DBSCG universe. Explore Zenkai Series 5 with low pull-rate "God Rare" cards, boasting evolved designs. Each CRITICAL BLOW Premium Pack Set includes 4 -CRITICAL BLOW- Booster packs and 2 exclusive SS3 Gotenks Promo Cards for excitement and collectible value!

Key Features:

  • Innovative "Z Extra" Z Card Debut: Horizontal designs with unique effects.
  • Themed Ultimate Technique Cards: From various Dragon Ball eras.
  • Low Pull-Rate "God Rare" Cards: Stunning new designs.
  • Exclusive Promo Cards: 2 SS3 Gotenks Promo Cards in every Premium Pack Set.
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