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Dragon Shield

Dragon Shield: 100 Count Standard Copper Matte Sleeves

Dragon Shield: 100 Count Standard Copper Matte Sleeves

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Enhance your gaming experience with the Dragon Shield 100 Count Standard Copper Matte Sleeves! Designed for discerning collectors and avid gamers, these sleeves boast a clear front and a striking copper back, combining elegance with durability. Known as the "engulfing engine of progress," they offer superior handling and protection for your valuable cards. The matte texture ensures a perfect balance of durability and shuffle-ability, guaranteeing a smooth gaming experience every time. Crafted from PVC-free polypropylene, these sleeves provide archival safety and acid-free protection for your cards. With a quality thickness of 120 μm, they are built to withstand frequent use and play. Each box contains 100 sleeves and features a sturdy cardboard design that can accommodate 75+ sleeved cards, along with a label for personal organization, making storage and retrieval effortless.

Key Features:

  • Clear Front and Copper Back Design: Stylish and eye-catching appearance
  • Matte Texture: Ensures superior handling and shuffle-ability
  • PVC-free Polypropylene Construction: Provides archival safety and acid-free protection
  • Quality Thickness of 120 μm: Ensures long-lasting durability
  • Sturdy Cardboard Box: Accommodates 75+ sleeved cards and includes a label for personal organization
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