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Dragon Shield

Dragon Shield: 100 Count Standard Emerald Matte Sleeves

Dragon Shield: 100 Count Standard Emerald Matte Sleeves

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Immerse yourself in elegance and durability with the Dragon Shield 100 Count Standard Emerald Matte Sleeves! Designed to enhance your gaming experience, these sleeves feature a clear front and a sparkling matte emerald back, offering both style and strength. Feel the calming peace of reflection as you handle your cards with these exquisite sleeves, renowned for their superior handling. The matte texture provides the perfect balance of durability and shuffle-ability, ensuring a smooth gaming experience every time. Crafted from PVC-free polypropylene, these sleeves guarantee archival safety and acid-free protection for your cards. With a quality thickness of 120 μm, they offer long-lasting durability to withstand frequent use. Each box contains 100 sleeves and includes a sturdy cardboard design that fits 75+ sleeved cards, along with a label for personal organization, making storage and retrieval effortless.

Key Features:

  • Clear Front and Sparkling Matte Emerald Back Design: Stylish and refined appearance
  • Matte Texture: Ensures superior handling and shuffle-ability
  • PVC-free Polypropylene Construction: Provides archival safety and acid-free protection
  • Quality Thickness of 120 μm: Ensures long-lasting durability
  • Sturdy Cardboard Box: Accommodates 75+ sleeved cards and includes a label for personal organization
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