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Wizards of the Coast

Dungeons & Dragons: Tyranny of Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons: Tyranny of Dragons

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Experience the ultimate Dungeons & Dragons adventure with Tyranny of Dragons, combining the gripping tales of Hoard of the Dragon Queen and The Rise of Tiamat into a single, epic campaign. Delve into a world where the Cult of the Dragon seeks to unleash the dreaded Tiamat upon Faerûn, plunging the realms into chaos. With captivating storytelling and thrilling encounters, this campaign takes players from humble beginnings to heroic heights as they confront the greatest threat the world has ever known.

Key Features:

  • Epic Campaign: Immerse yourself in a sweeping narrative that spans from low-level quests to epic showdowns against the legendary dragon Tiamat, offering an unforgettable journey for players of all levels.
  • Streamlined Experience: Perfect for new players and Dungeon Masters, this adventure has been rebalanced for ease of play, providing a smoother and more enjoyable experience while retaining its thrilling challenges.
  • Gallery of Concept Art: Discover the creative process behind Tyranny of Dragons with a stunning gallery of concept art showcasing the iconic villain, Tiamat, and other legendary foes of Dungeons & Dragons lore.
  • Ideal for New Fans: Whether you're new to D&D or a seasoned veteran, Tyranny of Dragons offers the perfect introduction to the world of 5th edition's classic adventures, inviting players to embark on an epic quest filled with danger, intrigue, and heroic deeds.
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