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King of New York: Rule the Concrete Jungle

King of New York: Rule the Concrete Jungle

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Enter the bustling streets of New York City in King of New York, a standalone game that builds upon the core mechanics of King of Tokyo with exciting new gameplay elements. As monstrous contenders, your objective remains the same: be the first to collect 20 victory points or be the last monster standing. Roll dice, unleash havoc, and vie for fame in the city that never sleeps. With larger game boards, district-based gameplay, and destructible buildings, King of New York introduces thrilling new challenges and opportunities for strategic mayhem.

Key Features:
  • Evolved Gameplay: Based on the beloved King of Tokyo with new twists and mechanics.
  • Citywide Mayhem: Navigate districts of New York City, aiming to become a star in Manhattan.
  • Dynamic Dice Rolling: Roll dice to unleash attacks, heal damage, and accumulate energy for power cards.
  • Fleeting Fame: Achieve fame for victory points, but beware of its transient nature.
  • Destructible Buildings: Smash buildings for bonuses, but face escalating military response.
  • Strategic Maneuvering: Displace opponents and seize opportunities amidst the chaos of the city.
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