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King of Tokyo: Dark Edition

King of Tokyo: Dark Edition

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Experience the sinister allure of giant monsters clashing in the limited Dark Edition of King of Tokyo. This legendary game brings a wicked twist to your tabletop, where Tokyo becomes the ultimate prize in a battle of epic proportions. With upgraded components and a new mechanic, Dark Edition immerses you in a world of darkness and chaos like never before. Don't miss out on this collector's edition, featuring an embossed cover and carefully selected varnish for a showcase piece in your board game collection.

Key Features:
  • Limited Edition: Dark Edition is a limited production with only one print run.
  • Sinister Setting: Discover the dark side of giant monster battles in a wickedly twisted Tokyo.
  • Upgraded Components: Features beautiful new components worthy of a Dark Edition.
  • New Mechanic: Introduces a new gameplay mechanic for added depth and excitement.
  • Collector's Showcase: Embossed cover and upgraded contents make it a centerpiece for any board game collection.
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