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    Legendary Encounters is back with an all new “Predator” core set!

    - Two games in one!
    - Play as the Predator hunting down humans as well as recruiting the ultimate military unit to track down and destroy the Predator.
    - Players must work both with other players to defeat the Predator who is determined to track down its human prey.
    - Each Core Set comes with over 600 playable cards featuring all original art!
    The game will feature some of Predator and Predator 2’s greatest protagonists, including Dutch, Blaine, Mac and Dillon, as they go head to head with the Ultimate hunter.
    Also included will be a game mat to help to organize the play field.

    600 total Original art Card set
    Full Color Game mat
    Full Color Rule Book
    Card inserts for easy organization

    - $59.99

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