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Magic The Gathering: Dominaria United Commander Deck

Magic The Gathering: Dominaria United Commander Deck

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Forge your path with the Dominaria United Commander Deck. Choose between two powerful strategies and lead your forces to victory in the realms of Dominaria. Will you embrace the Legends' Legacy and strike deals with the villainous Dihada, summoning a stampede of legendary creatures to shape your legend? Or will you transcend your limits with the Painbow deck, harnessing the full spectrum of mana and crushing your opponents with devastating five-color spells? The choice is yours, but the adventure awaits.

Key Features:
  • Two Unique Strategies: Choose between the Legends' Legacy and Painbow decks, each offering a distinct and thrilling gameplay experience.
  • Legends' Legacy: Strike deals with Dihada and summon legendary creatures from throughout history to carve your legend.
  • Painbow: Call upon Jared Carthalion and wield the full spectrum of mana to dominate the battlefield with powerful five-color spells.
  • Commander Deck: Designed for Commander format gameplay, each deck offers endless strategic possibilities and epic battles.
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