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Magic The Gathering: Innistrad - Crimson Vow Commander Decks

Magic The Gathering: Innistrad - Crimson Vow Commander Decks

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Dive into the mystical world of Innistrad with the Spirit Squadron and Vampiric Bloodline Commander Decks from the Crimson Vow series. Each set includes a meticulously crafted ready-to-play deck featuring iconic White-Blue or Black-Red color combinations. Unbox a thrilling adventure with key features like:

  • Ready-to-Play Decks: Experience instant gameplay with pre-constructed 100-card Magic decks.
  • Foil-Etched Display Commander: Showcase your leadership with a textured foil-etched commander card.
  • Double-Sided Tokens: Bring the battlefield to life with 10 double-sided tokens for strategic warfare.
  • Deck Box: Safeguard your cards in a durable deck box capable of holding 100 sleeved cards.
  • Life Tracker: Stay on top of your game with a convenient life tracker for accurate scorekeeping.
  • Reference Card: Master the game with a reference card providing essential rules and tips.

Embark on an unforgettable journey while promoting sustainability, as these decks utilize 98% less plastic in their packaging. Whether you command the spirits or embrace the vampiric bloodline, unleash the power of rare and mythic rare cards in every deck.

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