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Magic The Gathering: March of the Machine Bundle Box

Magic The Gathering: March of the Machine Bundle Box

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Gear up for the ultimate showdown against the Phyrexian threat with the March of the Machine Set Booster Box. As the battle for the Multiverse intensifies, embark on a journey to repel the invading Machine Legion and protect planes from the grip of Phyrexian corruption.

  • Intense Set Boosters: Unveil the secrets of the Multiverse with 8 March of the Machine Set Boosters, each containing a curated selection of Magic: The Gathering cards to enhance your collection.
  • Exclusive Promo Card: Expand your arsenal with a traditional foil alt-art promo card, featuring stunning artwork and powerful abilities to aid you in your battles against the Phyrexians.
  • Enhanced Land Collection: Secure your footing on the battlefield with 40 basic land cards, including 20 foil and 20 nonfoil variations, providing the mana you need to unleash your spells and creatures.
  • Complete Accessories: Equip yourself with essential gaming tools, including a Spindown life counter and a card storage box, ensuring you're prepared for epic confrontations wherever your adventures take you.

Prepare to rally your forces and stand against the Phyrexian invasion as you lead the charge in the March of the Machine!

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