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Magic The Gathering: March of the Machine Prerelease Pack

Magic The Gathering: March of the Machine Prerelease Pack

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Gear up for the ultimate clash against the Phyrexian invasion with the March of the Machine Draft Booster Box. Dive into the heart of the conflict with 6 March of the Machine Draft Boosters, each packed with Magic: The Gathering cards designed to aid you in the fight against the Machine Legion.

  • Phyrexian Onslaught: Engage in intense battles with 15 Magic cards per booster, featuring a mix of powerful creatures, spells, and artifacts to combat the Phyrexian threat.
  • Rare and Mythic Rarities: Equip yourself with potent cards, including a Traditional Foil, year-stamped Rare or Mythic Rare in every booster, bolstering your arsenal with formidable allies and devastating spells.
  • New Mythic Rare: Unleash the power of a new Mythic Rare card, with the chance to obtain it in Traditional Foil in 18% of Prerelease Packs, providing you with unparalleled might on the battlefield.
  • Exclusive MTG Arena Code: Gain access to additional content in MTG Arena with an exclusive code card (available only in select regions), allowing you to further enhance your digital collection and expand your strategic options.
  • Essential Accessories: Equip yourself for battle with a deck box and Spindown die, essential tools to organize your cards and track your life total during epic confrontations.

Join the ranks of the valiant defenders and stand firm against the Phyrexian invasion in the March of the Machine Draft Booster Box!

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