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Magic The Gathering: Modern Horizons II Collector Booster

Magic The Gathering: Modern Horizons II Collector Booster

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Unleash the power of Modern Horizons 2 with the Collector Booster Box, your shortcut to the coolest cards in the set. Dive into the heart of the action with 12 Modern Horizons 2 Collector Boosters, each packed with premium cards and exclusive content.

  • Foil Etched and Extended-Art: Experience the beauty of Foil Etched cards and Extended-Art variants, adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness to every pack.
  • Rare and Mythic Rares Galore: With 4 Rares and/or Mythic Rares per pack (maximum of 3 Mythics), you'll have access to a treasure trove of powerful cards to enhance your collection and dominate the battlefield.
  • Modern Format Staples: Introduce powerful cards and beloved reprints to the Modern format, reshaping the metagame and offering new strategies for seasoned veterans and aspiring champions alike.
  • Classic Magic Charm: Immerse yourself in the nostalgic charm of classic Magic with delightful throwback characters and stunning special treatments, evoking memories of Magic's rich history and promising thrilling gameplay experiences.

Elevate your Modern Horizons 2 collection to new heights with the Collector Booster Box and unlock the full potential of this iconic set!

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