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Magic The Gathering: Phyrexia - All Will Be One Collector Booster Box

Magic The Gathering: Phyrexia - All Will Be One Collector Booster Box

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Prepare to delve into the heart of darkness with the Phyrexia: All Will Be One Collector Booster Box. As the Phyrexian invasion escalates, heroes must confront the terrifying reality of New Phyrexia under the iron grip of Praetor Elesh Norn. Embrace the compleation and wield the mightiest cards in the Phyrexian arsenal, but beware—the path to perfection is paved with sacrifice.

Key Features:

  • Collector's Delight: Unleash the power of 12 Phyrexia: All Will Be One MTG Collector Boosters, each brimming with premium cards for the discerning collector.
  • Premium Contents: Each booster contains 15 Magic cards and 1 foil token, featuring 5–6 cards of rarity Rare or higher and a total of 10 Traditional Foil cards for an unparalleled experience.
  • Exclusive Foil Treatments: Discover the sinister allure of 1 Step-and-Compleat Foil card and at least 2 Extended-Art cards in every pack, elevating your collection with unique and visually stunning cards.
  • Showcase Ichor Cards: Witness the twisted beauty of at least 2 Showcase Ichor cards in every pack, showcasing iconic Phyrexian imagery and design.
  • Phyrexianized Lands: Command the essence of Phyrexia with 1 Traditional Foil Phyrexianized Land or Panorama Full-Art Land in every pack, representing the inexorable spread of compleation.
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