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Magic The Gathering: The Brothers War Jumpstart Booster Box

Magic The Gathering: The Brothers War Jumpstart Booster Box

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Embark on a journey through time to The Brothers' War, a legendary clash of mechanical armies that shaped Magic's storied past. Dive into the fray with The Brothers' War Jumpstart Boosters and experience intense battles of titanic proportions. With each booster pack, reinvent the past and retake the future as you engage in innovative and adaptive warfare. Are you ready to rewrite history and shape the course of destiny?

Key Features:

  • Epic Jumpstart Experience: Immerse yourself in the excitement of The Brothers' War with 18 specially crafted Jumpstart Boosters. Each booster contains 20 Magic cards, offering a unique and thrilling gameplay experience.
  • Gleaming Foil Lands: Unleash the power of Traditional Foil Land cards, with 2 foil lands included in every pack. Enhance your battlefield with shimmering landscapes that reflect the epic scale of the conflict.
  • Rare Card Variety: Command powerful forces with 2 Rare cards in every pack, including 1 card from a pool of Rares not found in the main set. Discover new strategies and unleash devastating abilities as you assemble your army for battle.
  • Diverse Theme Selection: Explore a myriad of themes with each booster pack, as 1 of 5 possible themes is included in every pack. With each theme offering 2 variants, mix and match to create wild and unpredictable mashups that keep the excitement alive.
  • Ready-to-Rumble Packs: With 2 Jumpstart packs in hand, simply shuffle and you're ready to dive into the action-packed battles of The Brothers' War. Experience the thrill of instant gameplay and prepare for epic showdowns on the battlefield.
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