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Magic The Gathering: Unfinity Draft Booster Box

Magic The Gathering: Unfinity Draft Booster Box

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Prepare for a journey like no other as you venture into the zany and whimsical world of Unfinity! With its space carnival theme and hilarious mechanics, Unfinity MTG Draft Boosters promise infinite laughs and out-of-this-world excitement. Each booster pack is a ticket to a cosmic carnival too hilarious for this world, featuring stickers, attractions, and plenty of surprises along the way.

Key Features:

  • Sticker Sheet Shenanigans: Unfinity Draft Boosters come packed with 14 Magic cards plus 1 sticker sheet in every pack. These quirky stickers add an extra layer of fun to your gameplay experience, allowing you to personalize your cards and showcase your sense of humor.

  • Full-Art Space-ic Lands: Explore the far reaches of the Multiverse with a full-art Space-ic Land in every pack. These stunning landscapes capture the beauty and wonder of outer space, transporting you to distant galaxies with their breathtaking artwork.

  • Rare or Mythic Rare Cards: Unfinity Draft Boosters are brimming with excitement, with each pack containing a Rare or Mythic Rare card guaranteed. From mind-bending creatures to powerful spells, every card offers endless possibilities for creativity and strategy.

  • Borderless Shock Land Box Topper: As an added bonus, each Draft Booster includes a foil Borderless Shock Land box topper card. These premium lands feature stunning artwork and a rare foil treatment, making them prized additions to any Magic collection.

  • Infinite Laughs: With its hilarious mechanics and over-the-top theme, Unfinity promises endless entertainment for players of all skill levels. Whether you're drafting with friends or battling it out in a tournament, the laughter never stops in this intergalactic amusement park.

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