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Monopoly: Beetlejuice Edition

Monopoly: Beetlejuice Edition

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Step into the macabre and whimsical world of Beetlejuice with Monopoly: Beetlejuice Edition! Relive the horror and chaos of the beloved film as you navigate the iconic locations and characters of the afterlife. Dare to utter Beetlejuice's name three times before passing "GO" and collect what's owed as you compete to become the ultimate master of the underworld.

Key Features:

  • Nostalgic Gameplay: Monopoly: Beetlejuice Edition brings the classic board game to life with a spooky twist. From the eerie locales of the Netherworld to the mischievous antics of Beetlejuice himself, every aspect of the game is infused with the spirit of the beloved film.
  • Iconic Characters and Items: Choose from six custom sculpted tokens, each representing a nostalgic item from the movie. Whether you're wielding the Handbook for the Recently Deceased or donning Lydia's Camera, these tokens are sure to evoke fond memories of Beetlejuice's whimsical world.
  • Unique Gameplay Elements: Experience Monopoly like never before with special gameplay elements inspired by Beetlejuice. From hauntingly familiar Chance and Community Chest cards to unexpected twists and turns on the board, every moment is filled with surprises.
  • Immersive Artwork and Design: Immerse yourself in the twisted landscapes and colorful characters of Beetlejuice with artwork and design elements that capture the film's unique aesthetic. From the ghostly halls of the Maitland residence to the chaotic corridors of the Netherworld, every detail is crafted with care to transport players into Beetlejuice's fantastical realm.
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