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Monopoly: South Park - It's a New Edition, Mkay?

Monopoly: South Park - It's a New Edition, Mkay?

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Welcome to South Park, where the laughs are endless and the stakes are high in Monopoly: South Park - It's a New Edition, Mkay? This collector's edition remix of the classic Monopoly game brings the irreverent humor and iconic characters of South Park to the tabletop, offering fans an immersive and hilarious gaming experience.

Key Features:

  • Memorable Locations: Dive into the wacky world of South Park as you buy, sell, and trade iconic locales from the beloved animated series. From Imaginationland to South Park Elementary and even Kyle's Toilet, every property on the board is ripe with comedic possibilities and nostalgic charm.
  • Custom Tokens: Choose from six custom sculpted tokens representing fan-favorite characters from South Park. Whether you're playing as Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Butters, or Token, each token captures the essence of its respective character and adds a touch of South Park flair to your Monopoly experience.
  • Claim Your Properties: Use your Roshambo skills to outmaneuver your opponents and claim the hottest locales in South Park. Set up Clubhouses and Playgrounds across the board to establish dominance in the neighborhood and watch as your properties grow in value with each passing turn.
  • Rich with Comedy: Immerse yourself in the humor and wit of South Park as you encounter memorable moments, characters, and episodes throughout the game. From outrageous scenarios to unexpected twists, every aspect of Monopoly: South Park - It's a New Edition, Mkay? is designed to keep you laughing and entertained from start to finish.
  • Neighborhood Rivalries: Engage in friendly competition with your friends as you race to become the wealthiest player in South Park. Strategize, negotiate, and scheme your way to victory, but beware of your opponents' tricks and traps as you navigate the unpredictable streets of this quirky Colorado town.
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