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Munchkin: Critical Role

Munchkin: Critical Role

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Munchkin: Critical Role combines the beloved role-playing franchise of Critical Role with the chaotic and treasure-filled gameplay of Munchkin. In this officially licensed card game, players embark on an adventure inspired by the Mighty Nein campaign, navigating dungeons, battling monsters, and competing for loot in true Munchkin fashion.

Key Features:

  • Playable Character Role Cards: Choose from six iconic characters from Critical Role's Mighty Nein campaign, each with their own unique abilities and traits. Whether you embody the cunning rogue, the powerful wizard, or the stalwart warrior, your character choice will shape your strategy and approach to the game.
  • Door and Treasure Cards: Navigate dungeons, encounter monsters, and collect loot with a deck of 168 Door and Treasure cards. Explore mysterious locations, face off against fearsome foes, and uncover powerful artifacts and magical items to aid you on your quest.
  • Plastic Trackers: Keep track of your character's level and progress with six plastic trackers included in the game. As you defeat monsters and complete quests, use the trackers to monitor your character's advancement and stay ahead of your rivals.
  • d20 Die: Roll the d20 die to determine the outcome of encounters, challenges, and battles throughout the game. Whether you're facing off against monsters or attempting daring feats of heroism, the roll of the die will determine your fate.
  • Rules: The game includes comprehensive rules and instructions to help players learn the mechanics, setup, and gameplay of Munchkin: Critical Role. Whether you're a seasoned Munchkin veteran or new to the world of tabletop gaming, the rules provide clear guidance to ensure a fun and engaging experience for all players.
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