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One Piece Card Game: [ST-09] Yamato Starter Deck

One Piece Card Game: [ST-09] Yamato Starter Deck

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Prepare to defend against all adversaries with the [ST-09] Yamato Starter Deck, the latest addition to the character-themed starter decks in the One Piece Card Game! Led by the formidable Yamato, this defense-oriented deck specializes in withstanding enemy assaults and firmly holding its ground against any threat. With Yamato at the helm, your opponents will find it nearly impossible to break through your steadfast defenses!

Key Features:

  • Character-Themed Starter Deck: Step into the shoes of Yamato, the enigmatic warrior and daughter of the fearsome Kaido, with this character-themed starter deck. As Yamato's loyal ally, you'll harness her incredible strength and resilience to overcome any challenge that comes your way.
  • Defense-Oriented Deck: Build an impregnable fortress of defense with the [ST-09] Yamato Starter Deck, which is specially designed to withstand even the most relentless onslaughts from your opponents. With a focus on defense, this deck excels at nullifying enemy attacks and outlasting your foes in prolonged battles.
  • New Leader "Yamato": Assume command of Yamato as your unwavering leader and shield your crew from harm with her unparalleled defensive capabilities. With her indomitable will and unyielding determination, Yamato stands as a beacon of strength and resilience in the face of adversity.
  • Constructed Deck: Take to the battlefield with a pre-constructed deck containing 51 carefully curated cards tailored to enhance your defensive prowess. From protective barriers to counterattacks, every card in this deck is crafted to fortify your defenses and repel enemy assaults with ease.
  • DON!! Cards: Bolster your defensive strategies with 10 exclusive DON!! Cards that provide additional layers of protection and tactical advantages. Whether you're erecting impenetrable barriers, bolstering your ranks, or turning the tide of battle in your favor, these special cards offer invaluable tools to thwart your adversaries.
  • Playsheet: Master the art of defense with the included playsheet, which offers valuable insights into defensive tactics, card synergies, and strategic maneuvers. Whether you're holding the line against overwhelming odds or turning the tables on your opponents with cunning tactics, the playsheet ensures that you're always prepared to defend your crew and emerge victorious.
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