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    • STRATEGY GAME: You and your friends play as a team of Dutch civil officials helping to modernize the water containment system. Your ultimate goal is to construct four hydraulic structures that will ensure the safety of the Dutch people for generations to come.
    • COOPERATIVE BOARD GAME: Only through teamwork will you have a chance to win. Players must work together planning their strategy. Choose your actions carefully, work as a team, and usher in the Industrial Age! A truly cooperative game where you win or lose together.
    • WATER THREAT: For centuries, the Dutch have relied upon a series of dikes and wind-powered pumps to keep water from invading their lands. But with a quarter of the Netherlands reclaimed from the sea and an expanding population, a new system is needed to hold back the ever-encroaching waters.
    • BUILD YOUR PLANS: To accomplish your mission, you must first buy yourself enough time by building dikes to control water flow, ports to facilitate travel, and windmills to pump the water out of flooded lands. But proceed with caution. A single misstep could send water spilling across the countryside.
    • A UNIQUE SCENARIO EVERY TIME YOU PLAY: Each game features a new combination of Objective cards, creating a unique scenario. To improve your team’s chances of completing them, every player takes on a specific role with special abilities. Join together, play to your characters’ strengths, and stem the tide!

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