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Poisons: A Bluff-Based Card Game of Risk and Reward

Poisons: A Bluff-Based Card Game of Risk and Reward

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Welcome to Poisons, where every drink is a gamble! In this bluff-based card game, players carefully weigh their risks to earn points. Secretly add cards to opponents' drinks—will it be an innocuous liquid or a deadly poison? Decide whether to sip or abstain, as each choice carries its own consequences. With advanced rules adding new twists, Poisons offers an immersive experience of strategy and deception.

Key Features:

  • Bluff-based Gameplay: Strategically deceive opponents with your drink choices.
  • Risk and Reward: Decide whether to drink or abstain, each with its own consequences.
  • Variety of Drink Types: Advanced rules introduce new drink types with special effects.
  • Immersive Experience: Engage in four rounds of gameplay to determine the winner
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