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Digimon: Jesmon Starter Deck - Unleash the Power of Digimon!

Digimon: Jesmon Starter Deck - Unleash the Power of Digimon!

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Embark on an exciting journey into the Digital World with the Digimon Jesmon Starter Deck. Featuring a meticulously crafted selection of 16 diverse cards, including Commons, Uncommons, Rares, and Super Rares, this deck is designed to provide players with a perfect balance of strength and strategy. Each card is carefully chosen to offer an exhilarating gameplay experience, allowing you to summon mighty Digimon and deploy strategic support cards to dominate the battlefield. Uncover additional value with 6 campaign cards, track your adventures with 2 Memory Gauges, and master the game with the included playsheet. Whether you're a beginner seeking an introduction to the game or a seasoned player looking for new challenges, the Digimon Jesmon Starter Deck is the ultimate choice for Digimon enthusiasts of all levels!

Key Features:

  • Powerful Card Selection: 16 diverse cards for balanced gameplay.
  • Strategic Support: Carefully chosen cards for thrilling battles.
  • Campaign Card Bonuses: 6 additional campaign cards for collectability.
  • Memory Gauges: Keep track of your adventures with 2 included gauges.
  • Playsheet: Master the game with essential information and guidance.
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