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Smash Up: Marvel Edition!

Smash Up: Marvel Edition!

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Join the epic clash of superheroes and villains in Smash Up: Marvel Edition! In this thrilling game, players smash up two groups of iconic Marvel characters, from the vigilant members of The Ultimates to the cunning villains of HYDRA, as they battle to take over bases and score victory points. Mix and match different decks of heroes and villains to discover which combinations reign supreme. With endless possibilities, fans can create their own stories and matchups that have never been seen in the Marvel universe. Will you assemble the ultimate superhero team or lead a team of dastardly villains to victory?

Key Features:

  • Iconic Marvel Characters: Choose from a wide array of Marvel superheroes and villains, each with their own unique powers and abilities.
  • Mix and Match Decks: Experiment with different combinations of hero and villain decks to create unstoppable teams.
  • Epic Battles: Engage in thrilling battles for control of bases and strategic supremacy.
  • Endless Replayability: With countless possible combinations, every game offers a fresh and exciting experience.
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