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Terraforming Mars: Venus Next Expansion

Terraforming Mars: Venus Next Expansion

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Embark on a thrilling new chapter in the saga of human exploration and colonization with Terraforming Mars: Venus Next, the captivating second expansion to the acclaimed board game Terraforming Mars. In Venus Next, players venture beyond the confines of Mars to tackle the monumental task of terraforming Earth's enigmatic neighbor, Venus. This expansion introduces a wealth of exciting new content, including a side game board dedicated to the planet Venus, additional tiles and tokens, and a diverse array of new Venus cards that expand the game's strategic possibilities. With Venus Next, you'll experience a fresh and dynamic gameplay experience as you strive to harness the planet's untapped resources and transform its harsh environment into a habitable world. Prepare to embark on an epic journey of discovery and transformation as you lead humanity into the next frontier of interplanetary exploration!

Key Features:

  • Expand Your Horizons: Venture beyond Mars and embark on the ambitious task of terraforming Venus, Earth's closest neighbor, in an exhilarating new expansion for Terraforming Mars.
  • New Side Game Board: Explore the mysteries of Venus with a dedicated side game board that offers unique challenges and opportunities for strategic gameplay.
  • Enhanced Components: Immerse yourself in the terraforming process with additional tiles and tokens that bring the planet Venus to life on your gaming table.
  • New Venus Cards: Discover a diverse selection of new Venus cards that add depth and complexity to the game, providing players with fresh strategic options and pathways to victory.
  • Expanded Gameplay: Experience a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience as you navigate the challenges of terraforming Venus and compete for dominance in the solar system.
  • Integration with Base Game: Seamlessly integrate Venus Next with the base game of Terraforming Mars to create a fully immersive and customizable gaming experience that will captivate players for hours on end.
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