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The Red Dragon Inn

The Red Dragon Inn

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Step into the lively atmosphere of the Red Dragon Inn, where weary adventurers gather to unwind after a long day of dungeon delving. In this raucous card game, players take on the roles of colorful fantasy characters, enjoying drinks, games, and camaraderie as they vie to be the last one standing with gold in hand.

Key Features:

  • Character-Driven Gameplay: Choose from four unique character decks, each with its own playstyle, abilities, and strategies, adding depth and replayability to every game.
  • Party Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in the vibrant and thematic setting of the Red Dragon Inn, where drinking, gambling, and roughhousing are all part of the fun.
  • Resource Management: Keep a careful eye on your Gold as you navigate the night's festivities, managing your finances while indulging in drinks and entertainment.
  • Player Interaction: Engage in lively player interaction as you bluff, negotiate, and outmaneuver your opponents, all while trying to stay conscious and avoid getting too drunk or beaten up.
  • Victory Conditions: The last adventurer standing with Gold wins the game, creating tension-filled moments and strategic decisions as players compete to outlast their rivals.
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