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The Red Dragon Inn 2

The Red Dragon Inn 2

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Return to the bustling tavern of The Red Dragon Inn for another night of revelry and merriment! In this standalone expansion to the beloved card game, players assume the roles of intrepid adventurers as they indulge in drinking, gambling, and roughhousing while vying to be the last one standing with their Gold intact.

Key Features:

  • Expanded Gameplay: Dive back into the lively atmosphere of The Red Dragon Inn with four new character decks, each offering its own unique abilities and strategies for players to explore.
  • Solo or Combined Play: Enjoy The Red Dragon Inn 2 as a standalone experience or combine it with the original game for epic gatherings of up to 8 players, doubling the fun and chaos!
  • Resource Management: Keep a careful eye on your Gold as you navigate the night's festivities, managing your finances while partaking in drinks and entertainment to ensure your survival.
  • Player Interaction: Engage in spirited player interaction as you bluff, negotiate, and strategize your way to victory, all while trying to avoid getting too drunk or beaten up by your rivals.
  • Last Adventurer Standing: The ultimate goal is to be the last conscious adventurer with Gold remaining, creating tension-filled moments and memorable experiences as players strive to outlast their opponents.
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