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The Red Dragon Inn 3

The Red Dragon Inn 3

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Return to the lively tavern of The Red Dragon Inn for another night of adventure and revelry in this standalone expansion to the beloved card game. Join four new members of the party as you drink, gamble, and roughhouse with your friends, all while keeping a careful eye on your Gold to avoid spending the night in the stables. With the introduction of new characters, the party grows even larger, offering more opportunities for fun and mischief.

Key Features:

  • Expanded Party: Meet four new members of the party, each bringing their own unique personality and abilities to the table, adding fresh dynamics and strategies to the gameplay experience.
  • Solo or Combined Play: Enjoy The Red Dragon Inn 3 as a standalone game or combine it with The Red Dragon Inn and/or The Red Dragon Inn 2 for epic gatherings of up to 12 players, allowing for larger and more chaotic gameplay sessions.
  • Resource Management: Manage your Gold carefully as you navigate the night's festivities, balancing the temptation to spend with the need to stay conscious and avoid being left penniless in the stables.
  • Player Interaction: Engage in lively player interaction as you bluff, negotiate, and compete with your friends, all while trying to outlast them and emerge as the last conscious adventurer standing.
  • Ultimate Victory: The ultimate goal remains the same: be the last adventurer with Gold remaining to win the game, ensuring that your night at The Red Dragon Inn ends on a high not
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