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Magic The Gathering: Theros Beyond Death Draft Booster Box

Magic The Gathering: Theros Beyond Death Draft Booster Box

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Venture into the realm of Theros, where gods and mortals collide in an epic struggle for supremacy. Theros Beyond Death invites you to defy death itself and carve out your destiny amidst the divine conflicts of the pantheon. Choose your allegiance, embrace the power of the gods, and forge a path to glory in the land of the dead.

Key Features:

  • A World of Myth and Legend: Explore the rich tapestry of Theros, a realm steeped in myth and legend. From the celestial abode of the gods to the dark depths of the Underworld, every corner of this world is filled with untold stories and ancient mysteries waiting to be uncovered.

  • Defy Death's Shackles: Break free from the grasp of death and emerge as a hero reborn. Theros Beyond Death offers you the chance to transcend mortality and carve out a destiny that defies the very laws of existence. Will you fight in the name of a god, or forge your own path to greatness?

  • Choose Your God: Align yourself with one of Theros' powerful gods and fight in their name to earn their favor and unlock their divine blessings. Whether you pledge allegiance to the cunning Thassa, the warlike Klothys, or the enigmatic Heliod, your choices will shape the course of your journey.

  • Epic Battles Await: Engage in thrilling battles against gods, monsters, and rival heroes as you seek to prove your worth and claim your rightful place among the immortals. With each victory, you will grow stronger and closer to achieving eternal glory.

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