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Yu-Gi-Oh! :The Card Game: Photon Hypernova Booster Box

Yu-Gi-Oh! :The Card Game: Photon Hypernova Booster Box

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Illuminate your deck with the brilliance of the Photon Hypernova booster box! Featuring 100 cards, this set introduces new strategies for Kite Tenjo’s “Photon” and “Galaxy” themes from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. Prepare for an out-of-this-world experience with powerful new cards that promise unexpected twists and turns. Dive into the cosmos with:

  • Expanded Strategies: Discover new “Photon” and “Galaxy” cards, including a formidable form of Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon capable of launching up to 3 attacks on your opponent's monsters.
  • Chaos Monsters: Unleash chaos with brand-new Chaos monsters and Tuner monsters that enable massive Synchro Summons, banishing foes with a Synchro Monster powerhouse boasting 4500 ATK.
  • Continued Journey: Follow Visas Starfrost's journey with new cards complementing the “Scareclaw,” “Tearlaments,” and “Kashtira” strategies from previous sets like Dimension Force and Darkwing Blast.
  • Modern Twists: Explore modernized ways to play classic themes and uncover familiar yet innovative cards.
  • World Premiere Theme: Brace yourself for a thrilling World Premiere theme that introduces a dangerous race never before seen in Dueling.
  • And More: Uncover additional surprises and enhancements to existing strategies, promising an electrifying Dueling experience!
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