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Boss Monster: Build Your Ultimate Side-Scrolling Dungeon

Boss Monster: Build Your Ultimate Side-Scrolling Dungeon

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Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of classic video games with Boss Monster, a dungeon-building card game where 2-4 players compete to create the most enticing and treasure-filled dungeon. Inspired by retro gaming, players strategically lure and destroy adventurers while racing to amass Souls. But beware, as greedy Bosses risk being overrun by deadly Heroes seeking glory and riches. With strategic room-building and spell-casting, every game is a thrilling bid for victory in this standalone card game containing 150 cards.

Key Features:

  • Classic video game nostalgia: Dive into the world of retro gaming with Boss Monster.
  • Competitive dungeon-building: Race to create the most enticing dungeon while defeating adventurers.
  • Strategic room-building and spell-casting: Plan your dungeon layout and use spells wisely.
  • Standalone card game: Contains 150 cards for hours of gaming fun with 2-4 players.
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