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Digimon: Special Booster V2 Display

Digimon: Special Booster V2 Display

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Gear up for an electrifying adventure with Digimon: Special Booster V2, the ultimate booster display that takes your Digimon Card Game experience to the next level! Packed with exclusive English version bonuses and iconic characters from the TV Anime Digimon Frontier, this set is a must-have for fans and collectors alike. Here's what makes Special Booster V2 truly special:

  • Enhanced Box Topper: Upgrade your collection with the enhanced Box Topper, now featuring 2 cards per pack including Tamer/Digimon cards. With double the excitement, you'll uncover rare treasures with every pull.
  • Lucky Pack Bonus: Experience even more luck with the inclusion of the Lucky Pack bonus, featuring 22 varieties of surprise cards. From rare finds to exclusive signatures, the Lucky Pack adds an extra layer of excitement to your booster opening experience.
  • Signed Card by Kenji Watanabe: Discover the Digimon Card Game's first-ever signed card, featuring the signature of Kenji Watanabe, the renowned Digimon character designer. Available at a low pull rate, this collector's item is a must-see for fans and collectors alike.
  • Digimon Frontier Characters: Immerse yourself in the world of Digimon Frontier with characters from the TV Anime Digimon Frontier. From Dynasmon to LordKnightmon, experience the power of ACE as you command legendary Digimon and Tamers in epic battles.
  • Susanoomon's Final Form: Witness the awe-inspiring power of Susanoomon as it gathers the strength of all Hybrid Digimon. With its newfound power of ACE, Susanoomon stands ready to unleash its ultimate potential on the battlefield.

Prepare to unleash the power of Digimon like never before with Special Booster V2.

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