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Dragon Ball Super: Zenkai Series 5 Starter Deck (SD-23)

Dragon Ball Super: Zenkai Series 5 Starter Deck (SD-23)

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Embark on your Dragon Ball Super TCG journey with the Zenkai Series 5 Starter Deck (SD-23)! Featuring the debut of the SSGSS Vegito Leader Card from the Prison Planet Saga, this deck introduces the innovative "Z-Extra" card type, showcasing never-before-seen techniques and scenes from DBSCG. Dive into ultimate techniques spanning ages with themed cards like the Father Son Kamehameha and Gogeta's Soul Punisher. Experience dramatic battles with low pull-rate "God Rare" cards boasting evolved designs. Plus, each deck includes 51 Deck Cards, 7 Z-Deck Cards, a Play Sheet, and a Rule Manual for a complete and immersive gameplay experience!

Key Features:

  • SSGSS Vegito Leader Card Debut: From the Prison Planet Saga.
  • Innovative "Z-Extra" Card Type: Unique effects with horizontal designs.
  • Themed Ultimate Technique Cards: From various Dragon Ball eras.
  • Low Pull-Rate "God Rare" Cards: Redefining rarity with evolved designs.
  • 1 SR or SPR Box Topper: Each Starter Deck guarantees an exciting rare card addition.
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