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Legendary: Heroes of Asgard Expansion

Legendary: Heroes of Asgard Expansion

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Harness the power of Asgardian heroes like Thor and Sif in Legendary: Heroes of Asgard Expansion! As ancient threats awaken, the gods return to Earth to defend it from malevolent forces. Will Thor prove worthy to wield Mjolnir against Malekith and Hela's followers? Join the battle against frost giants and conquerors, and face the looming darkness of Svartalfheim and Ragnarok.

Key Features:
  • Mighty Heroes: Play as iconic Asgardian heroes like Thor and Sif, wielding incredible powers.
  • Epic Threats: Battle against Malekith, Hela, and their followers, who seek to bring darkness to the Nine Realms.
  • New Content: Includes 100 cards, featuring 5 new heroes, 2 villain groups, 2 double-sided epic masterminds, and 4 schemes.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: Experience intense cooperative gameplay as you defend Midgard from ancient threats.
  • Expansion Compatibility: Enhance your Legendary experience with this epic Asgardian expansion.
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