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Czech Games Edition

Lost Ruins of Arnak: Explore, Discover, and Conquer!

Lost Ruins of Arnak: Explore, Discover, and Conquer!

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Embark on an epic adventure in the Lost Ruins of Arnak! Lead rival expeditions to a newly discovered island, where ancient mysteries and untold treasures await. This thrilling board game combines worker placement and deckbuilding mechanics, offering players a unique and strategic gameplay experience.

Key Features:
  • Worker Placement and Deckbuilding: Uncover the island's secrets through a captivating combination of worker placement and deckbuilding mechanics.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Mitigate randomness and make tactical decisions as you explore the jungle and find artifacts.
  • Unique Setup: Each game offers a unique setup with a variety of worker actions, artifacts, and equipment cards, ensuring every playthrough is different.
  • Explore New Strategies: Experiment with different strategies and approaches to overcome challenges and conquer the Lost Ruins of Arnak.
  • Beautiful Artwork: Immerse yourself in the stunning artwork that brings the island and its mysteries to life.
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