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Magic the Gathering: Assassin's Creed Collector Booster Display

Magic the Gathering: Assassin's Creed Collector Booster Display

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Dive into the world of Assassin's Creed with the Assassin's Creed Collector Booster Display for Magic: The Gathering. Open twelve 10-card Collector Boosters filled with shining foils, Rare cards, and special Assassin's Creed alt-art and alt-frame cards. Each pack is meticulously crafted to offer a premium opening experience, featuring:

  • Collector Booster-Exclusive Foils: Collect cards with gleaming foil treatments exclusive to Collector Boosters, including 2 Foil-Etched cards in every pack and the possibility of finding a Textured Foil card or unique Double Rainbow Foil Serialized card.

  • Extended-Art and Borderless Cards: Each booster contains 1-2 Extended-Art cards (a Collector Booster exclusive) and 1-3 Borderless cards, offering an alternate-art view of history with gorgeous art extending to the edge of the cards.

  • Assassin's Creed Themed Content: Take a trip back in time with the Animus and track down history's most elusive relics, all hidden inside Assassin's Creed Collector Boosters.

  • Comprehensive Contents: Synchronized with Traditional Foils, Rares and/or Mythics, Borderless and Extended-Art cards, and two Foil-Etched cards, each booster guarantees a thrilling and rewarding opening experience.

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