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Wizard of the Coast

Magic The Gathering: Strixhaven Booster Pack

Magic The Gathering: Strixhaven Booster Pack

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Welcome to Strixhaven, where aspiring mages from across the Multiverse come to hone their magical talents and unlock their full potential. Founded by five legendary spellcasting dragons, Strixhaven is divided into five colleges, each with its own unique focus and traditions. Whether you seek the arcane mysteries of Lorehold, the elemental mastery of Prismari, the scholarly pursuit of Quandrix, the dark arts of Silverquill, or the mystical secrets of Witherbloom, there's a college waiting to welcome you into its ranks.

Discover the groundbreaking learn mechanic, allowing you to expand your magical repertoire and adapt to any challenge. With every Strixhaven Draft Booster Pack containing a Lesson card, you'll have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills to outwit your opponents and emerge victorious.

Key Features:

  • Mystical Archive Cards: Unearth ancient spells and legendary incantations with a Mystical Archive card included in every pack, featuring iconic spells reimagined in stunning new art styles.
  • Learn Mechanic: Master the art of learning with one Lesson card included in every pack, providing you with strategic options to enhance your spells and tactics.
  • 15 MTG Cards: Each Draft Booster pack contains a total of 15 Magic: The Gathering cards, offering a diverse array of spells, creatures, and artifacts to bolster your arsenal.
  • Choose Your College: Select your path and align yourself with one of Strixhaven's five prestigious colleges, each offering its own unique strengths, philosophies, and magical disciplines.
  • Notes & Tips: Suitable for ages 13 and above. Contains small parts, posing a choking hazard.
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