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Legendary Marvel: Annihilation

Legendary Marvel: Annihilation

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Marvel's First Family returns to Legendary with the Annihilation expansion! Join forces with 5 heroes and face off against 2 new masterminds and villain groups in the 25th expansion to the vast Legendary landscape. In this expansion, players can work both with and against each other to defeat the evil Annihilation Wave. Witness the Fantastic Four team up with former foes like Galactus and his Heralds to defend the universe against Annihilus, Lord of the Negative Zone. Featuring original artwork on all cards, Legendary Marvel: Annihilation is a dark new threat that requires the Marvel Legendary Core Set to play.

Key Features:
  • Marvel's First Family Returns: The Fantastic Four join the ranks of heroes in this expansion.
  • New Masterminds and Villain Groups: Face off against 2 new masterminds and villain groups.
  • Cooperative and Competitive Gameplay: Work with and against other players to defeat the Annihilation Wave.
  • Original Artwork: All cards feature original artwork, bringing the Marvel universe to life.
  • Expansion Set: Includes 100 playable cards and a rule sheet for easy gameplay.
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