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Magic the Gathering: Mystery Booster Box - Unveil the Past!

Magic the Gathering: Mystery Booster Box - Unveil the Past!

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Step into nostalgia with the Mystery Booster Box, a treasure trove of reprints from over forty previous Magic sets. What sets these reprints apart is their original form—retaining the classic frame, art, typesetting, expansion symbol, and legal text.

Key Features:

  • Classic Reprints: Rediscover iconic cards from Magic's history, presented exactly as they were in their original printings.
  • Authentic Experience: Experience the thrill of opening boosters filled with cards that evoke memories of Magic's past eras.
  • Wizards Play Network Edition: Each booster contains a foil card carefully selected from a curated list spanning over forty Magic sets, adding a touch of shine to your collection.
  • Convention Edition: For a unique twist, the Convention Edition includes "playtest cards," original designs that challenge Magic's traditional rules, adding a fresh dimension to gameplay.
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