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One Piece Card Game: [ST-06] Absolute Justice Starter Deck

One Piece Card Game: [ST-06] Absolute Justice Starter Deck

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Join the ranks of the Navy and uphold the ideals of Absolute Justice with the [ST-06] Absolute Justice Starter Deck! Led by the formidable Sakazuki and featuring a host of popular characters from the Navy, including Smoker, Garp, and Koby, this ready-to-play deck introduces a new color to the One Piece Card Game: Black. Embrace the power of control and domination as you strive to "K.O. your opponent" and impose your will upon the battlefield.

Key Features:

  • Navy Deck Led by Sakazuki: Take command of the Navy's forces under the leadership of Sakazuki, also known as Admiral Akainu. With his unwavering commitment to Absolute Justice, Sakazuki embodies the relentless pursuit of order and control. Join him and his fellow Navy officers as they enforce the law and confront those who dare to defy it.
  • New Black Deck: Explore the depths of the Black color and unleash its unique gameplay mechanics with this ready-to-play deck. Assemble a powerful roster of characters, command devastating attacks, and seize control of the battlefield as you pursue victory through sheer force and determination. With the addition of Black to your arsenal, you'll expand your strategic options and dominate your opponents with ruthless efficiency.
  • "K.O. Your Opponent" Concept: Embrace the concept of "K.O. your opponent's character" and unleash devastating assaults that leave your enemies reeling. Inspired by Sakazuki's unwavering belief in Absolute Justice, this deck is designed to crush all who oppose you with overwhelming force. Knock down your adversaries and assert your dominance as you strive to achieve total victory on the battlefield.
  • Constructed Deck: Dive into the action with a pre-constructed deck containing 51 cards carefully selected to maximize your chances of success. With a diverse array of characters, abilities, and strategies at your disposal, you'll be well-equipped to face any challenge and overcome any obstacle in your path to victory.
  • DON! Cards: Enhance your gameplay experience with 10 exclusive DON! Cards that provide powerful effects and game-changing abilities. Whether you're bolstering your forces, disrupting your opponent's plans, or turning the tide of battle in your favor, these special cards offer new ways to assert your dominance and seize control of the battlefield.
  • Play Sheet: Navigate the complexities of battle with ease using the included play sheet, which provides valuable insights into gameplay mechanics, card interactions, and strategic tips. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game, the play sheet ensures that you're always ready to make bold moves and outmaneuver your opponents.
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