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Catan: Rivals

Catan: Rivals

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Rivals for Catan offers an immersive experience where players build their principality, make strategic decisions, and vie for victory. From the introductory game to the Duel of the Princes, embark on a journey of tactical gameplay and challenging competition.

Playing Time:

  • Introductory Game: 30 minutes
  • Theme Game: 45-60 minutes
  • Duel: 60-75 minutes

Gameplay Summary: Begin with a small principality and expand strategically, harvesting resources, constructing buildings, and hiring heroes to gain an advantage over opponents. Victory is achieved by accumulating 7 or more victory points, earned through settlements, cities, and strategic card play.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Strategy: Balancing resource management, building construction, and tactical card play.
  • Theme Sets: Explore different eras with unique challenges and opportunities.
  • Victory Points: Aim to reach 7 or more victory points to win the game.
  • Duel of the Princes: Experience heightened strategic depth with all Theme Sets combined.
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