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Root: The Underworld Expansion - Explore New Depths

Root: The Underworld Expansion - Explore New Depths

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Delve into the depths of Root with The Underworld Expansion. Unearth new possibilities as The Great Underground Duchy, tunneling through the land, or infiltrate your opponents' plans with the Corvid Conspiracy. With two additional maps, both new and seasoned players can embark on thrilling adventures and discover uncharted territories in the ever-evolving world of Root.

Key Features:

  • New Factions: Play as The Great Underground Duchy and the Corvid Conspiracy, each offering unique abilities and strategies to master.
  • Tunneling Mechanics: Experience innovative gameplay mechanics as you navigate the underground tunnels, adding depth to your Root experience.
  • Expanded Gameplay: With two additional maps, explore new landscapes and encounter fresh challenges, providing endless replayability.
  • Perfect for New and Experienced Players: Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned veteran, The Underworld Expansion offers exciting opportunities to expand your Root journey.
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