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Smash Up: Big in Japan!

Smash Up: Big in Japan!

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Prepare for an epic showdown as Smash Up returns with all-new factions inspired by the vibrant culture of Japan! In Big in Japan, unleash the might of Kaiju, harness the magical spells of Magical Girls, witness the prowess of Mega Troopers, and experience the adorable yet formidable Itty Critters. With each faction offering its own unique abilities and strategies, the battle for dominance has never been more thrilling. Are you ready to conquer the world of Smash Up in Japan?

Key Features:

  • Four Exciting Factions: Command powerful factions inspired by Japanese culture, each with their own distinct abilities and playstyles.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: Engage in fast-paced battles where strategy and timing are crucial to victory.
  • New Titan Cards: Introduce titanic forces to the battlefield with four new Titan cards, adding an extra layer of excitement to your games.
  • Complete Contents: Includes everything you need to jump into the action, including faction cards, base cards, dividers, tokens, and a rulebook.
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