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The Red Dragon Inn 8: Pub Crawl!

The Red Dragon Inn 8: Pub Crawl!

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Embark on a wild night of revelry and competition in The Red Dragon Inn 8: Pub Crawl! As the owners of five unique taverns in the city of Greyport, you and your friends will compete to see who can host the most memorable pub crawl. Sample exotic drinks, engage in raucous gambling, and navigate the challenges of running your own tavern, all while trying to outlast your rivals and emerge victorious.

Key Features:

  • New Tavern Owners: Play as the owners of five new taverns in the city of Greyport, each with its own unique theme, atmosphere, and challenges. From the bustling portside tavern to the mysterious wizard's haunt, explore the diverse nightlife of Greyport as you compete for glory and gold.
  • Pub Crawl Variant: Experience the excitement of a city-wide pub crawl with the new variant rules, allowing you to hop from tavern to tavern and sample their signature drinks. Strategize your route, manage your resources, and outwit your opponents as you race to complete the ultimate pub crawl.
  • Standalone Expansion: The Red Dragon Inn 8 is a standalone expansion for 2-5 players, offering a fresh and exciting gaming experience while still being fully compatible with all other releases in the Red Dragon Inn series. Mix and match characters and expansions to create custom gameplay scenarios for larger groups.
  • Endless Replayability: With multiple taverns, characters, and game modes to choose from, The Red Dragon Inn 8 offers endless replayability and variety. Whether you're playing with a small group or hosting a larger game night, every session promises unique and memorable experiences.
  • Combine with Other Expansions: Mix and match The Red Dragon Inn 8 with other expansions to create epic gaming sessions with more than 5 players. Expand your roster of taverns, increase the chaos, and see who emerges as the ultimate pub crawl champion.
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