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Ultimate Guard

Ultimate Guard: Katana Standard Size White Sleeves

Ultimate Guard: Katana Standard Size White Sleeves

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Experience unparalleled card protection with Ultimate Guard Katana Standard Size White Sleeves. Each pack contains 100 precision-made sleeves that meet the highest standards of players and collectors. Fully opaque and exceptionally durable, these sleeves ensure your cards remain in pristine condition. Crafted with care and precision, they are acid-free and PVC-free, providing long-lasting protection for your collection.

Key Features:

  • Contains 100 Standard Size Card Sleeves: Convenient for larger collections
  • Color: White: Classic and versatile for any deck
  • Precision-Made: Ensures top-of-the-line quality
  • Fully Opaque: Protects your cards from wear and tear
  • Extremely Durable: Provides long-lasting protection
  • Meets Highest Standards: Ideal for serious players and collectors
  • Sleeve Size: 66 x 91 mm: Fits standard-sized cards perfectly
  • Acid-Free, No PVC: Preserves card integrity for years to come
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